Run For Your Life, a Love Story (YANAPOP) - Dark Fantasy by John Argo



Run For Your Life, a Love Story

by John Argo

Wildest Ride You'll Ever Read—Alfred Hitchcock Meets Groundhog Day & After Hours


YANAPOP: a wild & crazy dark SF and fantasy thriller John ArgoWelcome—you're about to read one of the most unforgettable novels of your life. Seriously.

1. Pacific Beach
2. Maritza Dusenberg
3. Chloë Setreal
4. San Diego Interlude
5. Stormy Beach
6. Jimmy Sprocket

(read half free ends here; for the price of a cup of coffee, buy the e-book edition and find out what happens in the pulse-pounding conclusion).

7. Take Me for a Ride
8. Bombay Beach
9. Air Mail
10. Snow Village
11. Evil Gummint
12. Los Aliengeles
13. Chloë

Dig in, read, and prepare for a nonstop adrenalin rocket ride of your imagination. Our promise: you'll be glad you read it, and you'll tell your friends about it. As many of the author's readers have long said: (1) I couldn't stop reading; (2) I could picture the movie in my head the whole time; and (3) when can I read your next one? Soon, baby, soon! Happy reading!

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