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Modern Thrillers

Creepy Sister—Psychological Thriller (2019)

Neon Blue: Girl, Unlocked—Crime Thriller (1998)

Terror in My Arms—Psychological Thriller (1998)

Noir Fantasy Novels

Run For Your Life: A Love Story (YANAPOP)—SoCal Odyssey

Streamliners—Art Deco Fantasy written in San Diego

Noir Gaslamp Era 1892 Coronado Thriller

Lethal Journey—1892 Noir Historical Thriller closely based on the true story of the Beautiful Stranger at the lavish resort Hotel del Coronado on Coronado Island, across the Bay from San Diego. A beautiful, elegant young woman signed in on Thanksgiving Day 1892. She remained a mystery ever after her mysterious and violent death five days later of a gunshot to the head, on the night of the 'Sea Storm of the Century.' Her demise was a national sensation and scandal in the Yellow Press of that era. In my nonfiction scholarly book Dead Move: Kate Morgan and the Haunting Mystery of Coronado, I analyze all the data and present a new solution to the 1892 true crime enigma and famous ghost legend at the Hotel del Coronado. From there, closely based on my true research plus elements of the legend, I wrote Lethal Journey as a noir historical gaslamp era novel in the tradition of The Prestige, The Illusionist, and classic Merchant Ivory films representing the era of E. M. Forster, A. Conan Doyle, Thomas Hardy, Stephen Crane, and other classic authors of that era.

Stay Tuned: Other San Diego Noir Novels by John T. Cullen will be listed on this page soon…


Titles listed at left are all San Diego (noir) thrillers or touch upon San Diego. More San Diego Noir info & titles by John T. Cullen coming soon. Also soon from John T. Cullen: thrillers including at least one Art Deco dark fantasy you won't want to miss (Streamliners). Soon!

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