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click to start readingCreepy Sister (A San Diego Noir Thriller) Here it is, readers! The novel you've been waiting for that fits in a class with today's best (Gone Girl, The Woman on the Train, and more…). Either start reading immediately (go!) or read a mysterious sounding blurb (here). Remember please: site is new and still in construction. Please pardon any creepy bleepies; all to be fixed soon.

click to start readingTerror In My Arms (A San Diego Noir Thriller) While we await the big 2019 release (coming soon, I promise) here's an old classic from John T. Cullen. It's a noir San Diego thriller from a San Diego author, and already a classic story from the early Internet days. Read half free/try-buy, the Bookstore Metaphor. Nothing to lose but some sleep and peace of mind… enjoy half (keep the light on by your bedside, make sure the doors and windows are locked, and don't talk to strangers). If you decide to buy, it's safe ( and the price of a cup of coffee. All very reasonable and doable.

Historical Thriller: Based on True History: click to start reading

Lethal Journey: San Diego/Coronado Noir (1892)

1892 True Crime & Famous Ghost While we are awaiting the exciting release of John T. Cullen's new 2019 psychological thriller novel, here's a tantalizing bit of true history from our region. Lethal Journey is a Gaslamp Era (1890s) noir thriller closely based on his research into the infamous and mysterious crime that became an instant national sensation across the telegraph wires in the Yellow Press of the time.

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