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Noir, the Concept. I will be posting more information about the concepts of noir (film, literature, San Diego, etc.)—upcoming soon. Lots to talk about, very interesting, so please come back and visit often. Thanks—JTC.

Bookstore Metaphor: The Bookstore Metaphor is used here. As in a bookstore, feel free to sit and read as long as you want, but… the policy is "Read Half Free/Try-Buy." You understand: the author has a cat that needs kibble, a wife who would like a nice lunch once in a while, a kid in college, and did I mention I need a lot of coffee to crank out these high-energy thrillers. All very reasonable.

Read-a-Latte: For the price of a cup of coffee, buy the e-book and learn how it all turns out. More info about this later. Best deal you'll find anywhere.

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